Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stop It!

I'm just not right in the head much too often! On Saturday, I had to go to the post office to get a package, and since I'd be out, I decided to run to CVS and Meijer to make quick trips.

Baby girl and I make it just fine to the post office and to CVS, but Meijer was difficult...and it wasn't the store's fault -- it was mine because I forgot it was Labor Day weekend. No big deal ... because I figured out how to use the $5/5 Kraft cheese coupon and get the $5 catalina without buying 10 blocks of chunk cheese (we decided that we cannot possibly eat 10 blocks of cheese without growing our own antibiotics in the process.). But I didn't realize that coupon would be a blessing and a curse; unbeknownst to me, the manger has to approve the coupon, and as I waited, the baby girl decided to dig in her bag of no-no tricks again -- she had opened the bag in the Nabisco aisle. We did make it out of the store just fine, and thankfully the perfectly breezy 76F degree temperature and sunshine helped to level out my chemical imbalances and mood.

But oh, I hugely fail to realize that I no longer can make quick trips! Why can I not remember this!


  1. Shopping with a little one might be the worst...

  2. I can totally sympathize on the difficulty of making "quick trips" with kiddos. If I have several places that I just need to run in for one thing at I ask my mom to come along to stay in the car with my girls and we sometimes make a lunch date out of it. They get to see grandma and I get to get my errands done during daylight hours - it's a win/win situation!

    Just a quick tip - you can freeze block cheese in it's original packaging for several months and it will defrost just fine. Just stick it in the fridge when you're close to needing it and you'll be set to go!