Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Shots "Like a Big Girl"...or Not

Baby girl went for her 15-month well visit, and she's a tiny thing -- for the past 3 well visits, the doctor's said, "She's just petite." I don't know why he keeps reminding the barely 5 feet tall mama that her girl will probably be petite.

I knew Baby girl would be getting a few shots today, unfortunately. I did get the doctor to hold off on the chicken pox, at least for a few months; I'm not really seeing the need for the chicken pox vaccine and would like to research it a bit more -- what are your thoughts on it?
Anyway, the nurse comes back with some kind of booster, the MMR, and the flu vaccines, and she proceeds to inform me that Baby girl will take them in her arm since she's now a "big girl." I look down at Baby girl, and she has tiny arms, unlike her chunky thighs, which were made for shots. So the nurse explains where the shots are administered in the arm, and I attempt the "hold" position (horribly, I might add, that the nurse asks if she should get someone else to hold my baby. Um....the child will be screaming as is, and to have a stranger hold her?!?)

Anyway, she's still my baby -- she got her shots, in her thighs.


  1. my kids have always gotten them in the thigh. The arm? Ouch!

  2. I had a peds nurse advise me to give my kids a dose of tylenol (or prefered pain reliever) at home just before leaving for the shots. Seemed to help with the pain during and after. BTW, came to your blog through Money Saving Mom. Absolutely love your blog title. We all tend to need to find the ME in Mommy.

  3. Got here via Money Saving Mom.

    Glad you made them do it in her thighs! I have six children and they have NEVER given them in the arm until their 5 year shot. Good for you being a good mommy and doing what you thought was right.

    btw, since you asked, my children have all gotten the chicken pox vaccine and I can tell you how thankful I was for that when our close friends all came down with it. Some of their kids had them on their eyeballs, in their ears and down their throats! It was quite a miserable experience to say the least. (I do realize though that there are many thoughts on the whole issue of vaccines so I am giving you my two cents from the view that we are ok with vaccines.)

  4. I don't like shot days.
    I will say though, our boys are 6 & 7 and they have NEVER gotten shots in the arms. Always the thigh. I am thinking this is the way to go until they are getting embarassed about pulling their pants down.

    We were also told to give some motrin or tylenol before the appointment.

  5. I (and my four siblings) survived the chicken pox. We had a normal case of them - most kids do. I would suggest not getting the vaccine as some research has shown that you can still get the chicken pox as an adult (even though you've had the vaccine and kept it current) which is more dangerous!