Friday, September 17, 2010

Huggies as low as FREE starting 9/19

For Mamas of kids in diapers, The Thrifty Couple has a great deal on Huggies.

Diaper and Wipes Coupons:

You will also need these Rite Aid Coupons:

The Thrifty Couple has compiled several deal scenarios, this one is FREE! To see their full list go here.

huggies pure and natural cheap

FREE Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers:

*Please note, this is based on the Pure and Natural jumbo packs being included in the $8.99 sale. The last couple of times there has been an $8.99 sale, they did not include the Pure and Natural, which remained at the $11.99 price. The ad does not specify if these particular ones are included, so this is a “just in case” scenario. It would be super sweet if they were! Guess we will find out next week for sure when someone can go into the store to verify! Also, please note that our Rite Aid only carries the jumbo packs through size 2 and yours may be the same!


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