Monday, September 20, 2010

Chicken Red Lobster

We had some great coupons and decided to eat out at Red Lobster. They have excellent food, in my opinion, and we always order seafood at Red Lobster. It seems like the obvious choice, but perhaps I'm wrong.

On our visit, I ended up spending 75% of my time there watching the table close to us, as they just seemed quite odd. It was a party of four, three of them 60+ and what seemed to be a high school boy. First, there was a mix up with this rather entitled teen and his virgin strawberry margarita; guess he didn't want it sour, like a margarita, which he did order -- there was a back-and-fourth discussion between the waitress and the teen over what margaritas and daiquiris tasted like, and the waitress graciously brought him out a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Second, 2-3 of them in the party of four ordered chicken strips. Who orders CHICKEN strips at Red LOBSTER?!? The kicker was that the teen had originally wanted a cheeseburger (The waitress had to kindly inform him that they didn't serve cheeseburgers.). Why not Steak and Shake or Chick Fil A or Applebee's?!?

Anyways, we had a great time (you should have been there); I got an excellent meal (discounted with coupons) and free entertainment!


  1. I am not a seafood person...I would order chicken strips, lol

  2. I am not a seafood person...I would order chicken strips, lol

  3. I also wanted to say thank you for your encouraging words at lylasplus...not on the diet is Red Lobster, but it's one of our family favorites too! You could definitely get cheaper chicken strips somewhere else and why wouldn't you want their seafood? We get money back from our Discover card and we always choose to get Red Lobster gift cards. So it is quite an occasion when we go and get to order whatever we want without money concerns. Very looked forward to!