Monday, October 29, 2012


Our Monday morning was typical for us: after getting breakfast digested, we head to the gym and to the library. But as I listen to the radio, this Monday and probably many days after will not be typical for others. The name seems to bring up sounds and images of the Beach Boys, but in this present case, Sandy is definitely not so. I've seen pictures of flooding beginning and crews out in the abundant sea foam. And I've been so amazed by the growing waves, as seen from The Statute of Liberty's torch at

While out with a friend a few days ago, she mentioned how this was being called a super-storm, as I had not tuned into much of the news. It so mind-blowing how three fronts could come together to bring so much natural force and affect so many people. We do offer many thoughts and prayers for safety,

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Victor Habbick's image at


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