Sunday, October 21, 2012

Costume Discounters Classic Aurora Costume Review

Disney princesses are big in this house (and probably any house with young girls present), and we're looking forward to dressing up for Halloween in this new costume next week -- actually we gave this costume a try while attending a special Disney performance last week!

Though this is a Classic Aurora (aka. Sleeping Beauty) Costume (and if you're not on the up-and-up with princesses, you can read all about those princesses!), this design is a fresh for 2012 from Costume Discounters. I am extremely pleased with this costume. It's well-constructed, with the wide-brimmed, collar and sheer sleeves; the quality of this costume is much better than another princess costume we own. I believe this costume really stands out (as I saw many young Disney princesses at the event) with the sharp pink color and those sparkles! There are lots of golden sparkles and and shimmer to make this a fun costume, perfect for any girl! As a pendant, there's a sweet portrait of Disney's Aurora. And I love how the versatility will allow us to enjoy a regal Halloween but allow my daughter to enter Disney's fairy tale world whenever she wishes! For good or bad, there are only two sizes: Small (4-6X) and Medium (7-8), so the fit was not exact for us, and I placed a pink long-sleeved shirt under it.

If you've procrastinated and still need a costume, be sure to check out Costume Discounters. I know our neighbors still are without for their son's costume! Check out their 25% savings and bring home that dream costume! 

***I was given the costume for a review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.***


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