Thursday, February 2, 2012

Healthy, Happy Friends!

"I'm looking for my friends....I'm looking for You!" Sid the Science Kid's "Friends" song is one of daughter's favorites! But it reminds me of just how valuable my friends are.

In the past couple of days, I've had an opportunity to talk via phone with one of my closest friends, who happens to live many states away, and another opportunity to meet up with a new friend for lunch. My long-distance friend is so much like a sister to me, and while we only get to connect by phone about once every two months, she is my most kindred spirit, besides my husband. While I consider her a blessing and a treasure, I'm not sure how often I express that. That thought was brought to my mind this last time, and I reminded her of how thankful I am for her faithful friendship. The recognition of that truth brought joy to me but also encouraged her.

Today my daughter and I met up with another friend for lunch, and we were able to spend more time talking about deeper issues and concerns. It was again a rejuvenating time for me to interact and to build up another individual. I have also expressed the help that she has been to me, and she replied that it "made her day."

I try to remember to use my words to build people up, especially those who truly mean the most to us. Many times, it goes unspoken though not unnoticed. But it is so good to hear (and to say) how treasured someone is to us. I've been trying to also do that with my husband -- thank him for making us breakfast and helping get my daughter's socks and shoes on so we're not late for BSF!

How much joy do we get from those healthy relationships?

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