Monday, February 27, 2012

A Beautiful View from my Window Would Be....

ooh....I'd love to be listening to the waves right now! With a sick toddler, this mommy wants some vacation time to physically and mentally unwind!

 But honestly, for the end of February, with bright sunshine in the Midwest, I shouldn't complain about my view.

Photo Credit: Image: worradmu /


  1. Yeah, me too! I am glad February is over and March is on its way because that means spring will be here in no time! Winter really hasn't been that bad this year though - I am in the Chicago area - it's been unseasonably warm and my children have been outside lots more than other years.

  2. Why were all kids sick in Jan and Feb? Mine for half of Jan it seemed! A nice ocean breeze with sounds of waves would be great. I really cant wait for vacation -- even if it's with my son too! Just want to get out of the city/suburbs.