Thursday, October 14, 2010

What should she be doing now?!?

Every time I take my little one for her well-checks, the doctor usually blows me away with various questions about developmental milestones. According to my answers, she’d appear average or slightly below average (even though her mommy things she's the smartest baby in the world -- slightly biased)!

At her one year check up, the pediatrician asked if she could use a fork and spoon. At that point, she didn’t own a fork and wasn’t allowed the opportunities to handle her spoon in conjunction with food -- her mother is a bit of neat freak, emphasis on "freak."
But that very same day, I did go out to buy her a plate, fork, and spoon, and at dinner, we tested to see if she could handle eating with utensils.

Success! (Well, kind of!) I've been faithfully laying out her fork and spoon, filling her plate, and lending a helping hand to load both fork and spoon, but I think she has her own ideas! Often the wrong end of the fork would be in her mouth -- guess that rubber tip is good as a teething toy too! Other times, she'll take her food off her fork and proceed to eat with her hands instead! So can she use her utensils? Yes, for the most part; she's not the most skilled user right now. Will she use her utensils? No. Sure hope that's normal.


  1. Darling! I always stress over those stupid milestones even though I know everything always works out eventually. They just like to make us a little crazy!

  2. On my 3rd toddler and if u see my latest posting I am stressing over potty training.

    They are all different and learn in their own way but we wouldnt be mummy if we didnt stress bout it LOL