Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Supportive Care

What a day! The little one hasn't been feeling well lately...the runny nose, congestion, slight cough...but I figured she either has a cold or may be developing seasonal allergies. She doesn't let anything slow her down though, up and running, interacting and playing with others, and eating as normally as a toddler eats. But today, she began "the runs" -- we went through 5 diapers and 3 pairs of pants in one hour. Ugh. So we trucked to the pediatrician's office... a little early. Turns out no matter whether I arrive early, on time, or late for her appointments, we always wait... a LONG time -- at least an hour from when we park the car to when we restart the car.
And I waited a long time to find out she has something viral. So lots of "complex carbs, bananas, and yogurt." The doctor must think I'm an idiot because I asked, "There's nothing we can do" to which he replies, "Supportive care."

The highlight to the visit, besides needing to be grateful that all she needs is "supportive care," was what she looked like when the doctor entered the room -- something like this:
The doctor and his med. student were totally amused! And she even wanted to share her sunglasses with the med. student (She's not too fond of the doctor!), but still they both appreciated the gesture! After that though, she was back to her normal self, making the doctor really work for his pay, with her flailing arms and kicking legs, and of course, the crying!

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  1. I'm sorry she isn't feeling well! But she is always just SO cute! :)