Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reading with baby

Each week, I get a courtesy email, from the hospital I delivered my little one at, about where she should be developmentally and what I can be doing to help her achieve and surpass those goals. This week's email was about "children's emerging literacy," which includes the basic skills for reading, listening, and conversing. We've all seen those commercials for teaching babies to read -- I've thought about it but always decided against it; what's the rush?!?

To summarize the content of the email, emerging literacy is about helping children become comfortable and familiar with books, recognizing the differences in pictures and print, learning about new objects and concepts, understanding that stories have a beginning and an ending, and realizing curiosity is to be treasured. I'm trying to help my little one achieve those goals; sometimes we're more successful than others! (She's also intrigued by how pop-ups exceed boundaries and tries to manipulate them back to the margins!) At least I'm trying! Our pediatrician has always directed us to read with our little one, even from baby's pre-crawling days, because he understands how skills developed now become the foundation for success in years to come.

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  1. Sounds like your doing great and I must say I'm impressed your hosital is staying in touch. We read to our daughter throughout the day and as a result her favorite toys are books.

  2. Reading is SO important (and fun!)...I'm always shocked when I hear stories from teachers about parents who haven't read to their kids at home