Monday, November 26, 2012

Need More Energy? Need to Lose Weight? Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Kleissinger Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg 60 Caps w/ Svetol (As Seen on The View & Dr. Oz)

With the official "holiday season" in full swing, many of us need energy! I thought of that as I went out to a store late on Thanksgiving night, and just the idea of people storming the stores to get good deals, as I stood waiting to check out, made me even more tired -- I was glad to get back home and to bed!

I was sent Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract (as seen on The View and Dr. Oz) to try. Some coffee companies are also selling new brewed coffee from green, unroasted beans. Knowing that I cannot handle a lot of caffeine, I asked my husband to try the Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract. He said that he did feel more energized -- it lasted about 16 hours. Unfortunately, he took it in the middle of the day and had trouble sleeping! So this is perfect for those seeking a natural way to have more energy for those long days.

However, Svetol®   is most popular for its fat burning abilities (as Dr. Oz promoted it for weight loss). The properties of Svetol®  help you lose weight and trim down your body. You can read more about Svetol Research here. While we have not tried this product for weight loss, I do know of other companies who target weight loss with caffeine.

If you're interested in weight loss or more energy, you can purchase Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract from Best Price Nutrition for $13.99, which is 44% off the MSRP. Let me know how you're feeling!

***I was given a bottle of Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract for a review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.***


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