Monday, November 12, 2012

Going to Grandma's for the Holidays? Bring the Library!

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go! While we aren't planning on traveling too far for the holidays, I have traveled quite a bit with my toddler, even on a 16 hour flight, not including connections and lay-overs! I'll have tips on traveling with little ones by plane, train, and automobile in the next few days. But as I was at the library's storytime this morning, I saw a display about how the library can help with your travels.

Besides any maps or guidebooks, the library has lots of helpful materials in traveling.

1. Books -- Again, so obvious, but books can be checked out for several weeks and are great for enjoyment while traveling or arrived at destination.

2. Play-aways -- Our library has little devices with the book already recorded; all you'd need is your personal headset or earbuds to plug in. Walah . . . portable book on tape.

3. E-books -- Several can be loaded on your personal reader, and you won't have any books to carry with you!

4. Children's books with the recording on CD -- I think our library calls them "Bagged Books" as they come in a bag, with the children's book and the recording on CD. This would be great for the car, as it's sometimes impossible or quite challenging to read a book to your child while driving.

5. DVD -- Depending on the length of your travels, you might be able to check out some DVDs for a portable player or laptop while traveling.

How will you use your library to help you with your holiday travel?

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