Monday, April 9, 2012

My Wish List...

While I work very hard to live in a sense of contentment, a few things on a very wishful list would be . . .

  1. A Personal Organizer
I'd love someone to come to my house and organize it all for me!

2. An Interior Decorator
Since my house would then be HGTV organized, it can be HGTV designed too!

3. A Part-Time Nanny
Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about having Me-time!

What's on YOUR wish list?!?

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  1. My wish list is short because we are coming off a 6 month journey of my list is for life to stay chill for a while.

  2. I want those too! A few more items: photography class, new camera, new lens :)

  3. Me too! Me too! I think all Moms have begged for each of these services at one point, I didn't even think to add them to my wish list! Love the picture of the "Nanny," as Im not sure if she is like Mary Poppins or Hilga the Horrible! (Made me giggle) Thank you for sharing!