Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toddler vs. Blood Test

I usually give complete support of our pediatrician and his staff, but my toddler's past well-check is causing me to doubt.

Supposedly our zip code is included in the high-risk area for lead poisoning, so the doctor had his office do a lead test on my toddler. That required a blood test, which as the nurse described, wouldn't hurt but just be a long process with the initial finger prick and then the drop by drop collection of my little one's blood. She pulled out a collection vial about half the size of my pinky, pricked my little one's finger as my strong-willed toddler protested with all her might, and tried to squeeze the blood out of her finger and collect it in the vial. However, what ensued was more of a screaming, fighting, and restrained toddler against two nurses and the vial . . . for fifteen minutes, with blood all over my toddler's and my hands. To top it off, several hours later, I learned that the blood sample was not free-flowing enough to be properly tested and was asked to go to Children's for another blood sample.

I'm not so much upset and frustrated with the doctor's office, although I do question the professionalism and the competency of the nurse who attempted to collect the blood sample. But I'm thinking there's got to be a better way to test for lead poisoning in children, like blood samples for diabetics. Although I don't think the doctor will let us hold off until then.


  1. I had this happen with my 2 year old a while ago and was so upset at how poorly the test went (they couldn't get enough and had to do it in his arm)that I called the doctor and thankfully they said we wouldn't need to redo it, but I think you're totally justified in being upset.

  2. I had my 12 month old's well check-up last month. We live in an older house AND had construction going right before his birth, so we also fit with in the "high-risk" category for lead poisoning. And they filed all the paperwork for us to get my 12 month old son's blood drawn... using a needle from a vein in his arm....

    I am similiar in that I usually follow the doctors/nurse advice when it comes to vaccinations/testing/etc!! Just in that visit alone he had 4 different vaccinations AND a PPD test done....

    Seriously!!! 5 pricks for a healthy 1 yr old???

    While lead poisoning can be a danegrous thing, I am planning to have my husband and I tested and ask to have it read with the intention of determining if our children need to be tested. If we have no lead, then we won't get the kids tested.

    And unfortunately Nate was the "guinea pig" for the PPD... his was negative and since all the kids do everything together, I feel like there is NO need to have the others tested at this time. I think it's still a requirement for college and some places of employment!!

    Sorry for the long comment;) Just wanted you to know I UNDERSTAND!