Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Mommy Day!

Some days, it's horribly difficult to be the mother of a 2-year-old, and other days, like today, it's incredibly wonderful to be the mommy of a 2-year-old!

We had a bit of a rough morning, and I was frazzled. The baby I was watching was over-tired and stubbornly fighting sleep, meaning he was Mr. GRUMPY! We were invited to a play group at a park, and I had serious doubts -- could I manage two without a double stroller? Urged to flee the confines of home, we packed up. My little one was excited to go to the park and go on the slide, and Mr. Grumpy was still GRUMPY -- my little one even exasperatedly called out his name to stop his fussiness! Attempting to work on making patience my virtue, as I drove, I'd ask my little one how Mr. Grumpy was doing and whether his eyes were open or closed. She replied, "Open, close. Open, close." I figured it out. He ended up taking little cat naps for the next 2 hours.

But my little one ended up being Miss Angelic. She waited patiently as I loaded up Mr. Grumpy into the stroller, and she walked beside the stroller from the car to the park. She played contentedly, and when I decided it was time to leave, she didn't fuss or fight. She even gave me the goings on of Mr. Grumpy's eyes on the way home -- "Close."

Looking forward to another good day least, I'll have this one to remember, if something goes awry!

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  1. Days like this are truly blessings to help us get through the days that aren't nearly as nice! So glad to see that your little one behaved so well and that you had such a nice day at the park :)