Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best April Fools' Joke

It's been 2 years, and for most people involved, not forgotten! My colleague who was teaching her last day before maternity leave, and I think she was about 38 - 39 weeks pregnant, played a great joke on the high school principal! Our principal is a great guy but was always so nervous about my and my colleague's pregnancies, and she played him right into this!

During one of her classes, she created the scene, with a pool of water below her stool where she was sitting, and the school nurse by her side, and she buzzed the office, telling them that she was going into labor! The principal rushed over thinking he'd need to drive her to the hospital, asked for her keys, what her car looked like, where it was located, and told her he'd bring it to the front, all with his worried and frantic look; my colleague and her class then surprised him with, "April Fools!" And boy was he shocked and relieved! I wish I could post the video she has on her facebook, but in the doorway behind the principal was the assistant principal who had the opposite reaction -- huge smiles; during the joke, which he didn't know about either, he was excited that someone would be going into labor on the job! Crazy people I worked with!


  1. funny!!! Great Idea~

    I'm not big on April Fools, but that was a good one.(I am fine with jokes, but don;t like pranks)

  2. Good one, I am glad he has a sense of humor. Following you back, thanks for stopping by.