Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, Craft Me Not...

If you've been reading on a fairly regular basis, you'll know that I'm not a crafter. I'm envious of the creative ladies who post beautiful pictures of their latest creations, often quite thrifty. The thought of cutting a hot gluing gives me the chills -- I've had some brilliant ideas turn out to be dark duds and a black hole of my time and enthusiasm.

With the end of the school year approaching, I wanted to have something for my daughter's teachers. I searched Etsy, and as I browsed, I had a few glimmering thoughts. Those got much brighter when I realized that it wouldn't involve patterns or glue. So I grabbed a 25% off coupon for Michaels, and my daughter and I went to choose materials together -- I figured the gift would be better if she chose. I have to admit that was the worse part of the project -- a toddler in Michaels.

And this is what we did last night...

My free-spirited daughter created her one-of-a-kind beaded bookmarks to give to her teachers, and all I had to do was to make knots! We might have to make more of these as gifts during the year too!

I know many of you are always into creative projects. What are you currently working on?!?


  1. It's so sweet that she made it herself, with a little help of course. I'm not crafty unless it has to do with using the computer!

  2. Very cute! I hope you had a great Mother's Day my friend! Have a good night!

    Mama Hen