Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eat Like a Diabetic?!?

Having been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant, I took a short Diabetic Nutritional Training at a local hospital. Wanting to keep the sugar level down, as not to cause too rapid of weight-gain for the baby, I had to make some changes. Obviously sugar straight-up was out; well, maybe I could occasionally sneak in one bite of cake, but the sweets and the juices were scratched out of my diet! I thought that I had to cut out every carb, but I was wrong! The most insightful thing I learned was to pair fiber and carb with protein; so when I ate an apple, I would pair it with almonds or cheese. This has really stuck with me as my daughter (who was born around 7 pounds at 39 weeks!) began on solids.

This past week, I read an article about Why You Should Eat Like a Diabetic. It outlines some basic principles, like switching from white bread to whole wheat bread, which have great health benefits. While I've brought all those sweets and sugars back into my diet, I should reconsider as the sugar has not been sweet to my body!

What's your healthy eating tip?!?

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  1. Sorry you had to watch your diet so carefully being pregnant as its one of those times when we should be able to get away with eating anything ;). Happy your daughter was born normal weight! Great reminder to continue eating healthy tho! We need to start our kids on the road to healthy eating really young!!