Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Favorite Memory from the Great Outdoors

This has to be the best memory from the Great Outdoors!

With a week off of teaching, I planned a week's vacation in Arizona. I was younger and more into a tightly packed vacation, and I had the itinerary planned down to the hour. But my husband and I really didn't know what was in store!

We flew into Phoenix and drove up to Sedona, where we had 2 free nights from a timeshare sales pitch in another vacation spot, that we declined. The drive was amazing, and since we drove into the late evening, the next morning brought surprises of rock formations that were hiding in the darkness on our drive in!

After exploring Sedona, we drove up to the Grand Canyon, through Flagstaff. I remember feeling the heat in Phoenix, seeing the snow in Flagstaff, and going through the more moderate temperature in the Navajo Reservation. But as we approached the Grand Canyon, we were truly in awe of its grandeur. We spent a night in the national park, and nothing tops this time in the Great outdoors!

What's your favorite memory from the great outdoors?


  1. Beautiful photo of the grand canyon. I flew over it in a helicopter once. It was amazing. Guess that's my memory!

  2. Beautiful. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon someday!