Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I've Learned this Past Month

This has been a fun time for me! While I did forget a few things (none of which were life-changing, major), I was able to truly enjoy the festive and thankful time with my family.

1. Being real and genuine doesn't have to be totally organized, and I'm ok with that.
I've been wanting to get better connected with our neighbors since we've moved in, and finally after about 3 years, we've made huge progress. It helps that our bachelor-neighbor has gotten married and received a little boy who also likes playing with my little one! Two of our neighbors dropped by unexpectedly, and I invited them into our toy-littered living room, with couch overflowing with coats and other items that failed to make it to their proper place. But even though it wasn't as "perfect" as I'd have wanted, it represented that we're a far-from-perfect family, but we live in the here-and-now.

2. Gift-giving doesn't have to be complicated.
I was a little worried that I hadn't found the "perfect" gifts for our friends and family. I had shopped some during the year and purchased things that I thought the receiver would like. I also managed to score some holiday deals for things I knew would be liked, and this year, I had to spend less. Yet, most every (as we still have a "Christmas" to do still!) present was received much better than I had anticipated. Truly the heart is enough.

3. Laughter is always good.
We had a "blizzard warning" a few days ago. While it's really not blizzard-like, it's a bit more than normal for us. My husband went out to shovel the driveway, and my daughter and I went out to play! We ended up with a snowball fight, and our laughter carried down the street! That was such a sweet sound to my ears, to see, hear, and feel the fun it was to live life together as a family. I'm truly blessed!

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  1. This is a wonderful post! Laughter is so wonderful! I want to wish you and your family a very happy New Year my friend! Have a great night! We love the snow!

    Mama Hen