Monday, September 10, 2012

Back Again!

Hi friends! While I have not intended on giving you the silent treatment, I do apologize for the lack of communication. The last time you heard from me, I was taking 4 semester hours of graduate courses online, while quickly preparing to take my 3 year old with me on a trans-pacific flight. I didn't realize the amount of stress I was under until my body reminded me that it was extremely taxed (and I had to double check that I was not pregnant).

Unlike most women, I have the unfortunate inability of multi-tasking. I found this out during our small group of married couples; as we were going through the different perspectives, I had the rather odd experience of recognizing that I like focusing on one task at a time and that I can sometimes have a "nothing box!" It does stress me out to have multiple things going on at the same time, and when that happens, I'm often dumbfounded and too confused to be anything close to effective. I tried to solve my problems by thinking through how others do it, but those women are able to multi-task much better than I do. Up until a few days ago, I was thinking that I'd better focus on what's physically in front of me, since I can't handle too much anyways. But I'm thankful for a dear Facebook friend who wrote to inquire about this blog, and she encouraged me to do what I can. So here I am . . . and I'm going to do what I can! Since I can't multi-task, I'm going to give this blog time at the beginning and at the end of the week -- if I'm not there, be a friend and see if I'm still alive! But I'm going to try to adapt because it's not all or nothing, right?!?

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  1. Hey there! Stopping by and returning the favor, hope you can also follow me if you didn't already!! I think it's not a bad thing that you can't multi task...I get so overwhelmed at times when I have 10 things going at once, I beg myself to be able to do one thing at a time, but alas, it doesn't happen very often!! Enjoy that underrated skill!! =)


  2. I think this world is so full of multitasking, that no one really stops and soaks up the moment. Just remember to try not to get so sressed and to do something for yourself. Get a cup of coffee and read a good book. Hmmmm! I need to think about that too my friend. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen